The Party Assembles

It was a quiet day in the village of Raven Roost, that is, unless you were in the tavern, which, of course, most of the town was.

Several new people had just rolled in to town, as people are want to do, but these particular individuals were very, different.

A Minotaur ranger, a Shardmind psion, an Eladrin wizard from the Grand Academy, and a shady looking man were among the visitors to the town. This is not a normal occurance for the town and they attracted much attention. The barkeep let them stay however, for their coin was good, particularly that of the mage.

The wizard left the tavern for a short time and had a run in with the dark side of Raven Roost. He was dragged into an illegal pit fight with the reigning champion, a Goliath fighter. Using his magical prowess, he made a spectacle of the fight and easily defeated the brute. His remarkable methods won him countless cheers from the crowds. Before he had fully soaked in the glory however, he was attacked. The Dwarven merchant who had been the Goliath’s manager tried to kill him, but he stood no chance against the seasoned wizard. The death of the Dwarf only incited more cheers from the crowd of onlookers.

Upon returning to the tavern, the wizard heard tales of the dragon that supposedly took residence atop Mount Thunderspire, the abandoned dwarf temple. These same stories piqued the interests of the other notable strangers.

In the morning, these individuals shopped in the market and, one by one, left to the north, toward Thunderspire. The shardmind making quite a scene as he kidnapped a merchant from the market.

In time, each of these individuals arrived at the base of Mt. Thunderspire, brought to it by the bouts of flame issuing from its peak. They reached a silent understanding that if they should face the dragon that they would need to work together to best it. So, they entered the hall of the old dwarven temple.

Within the first chamber, they were attacked by beasts made of stone. In the corner of the chamber was a dark cave from whence the animated stones came. Through a vigorous battle, they eventually defeated the beasts, collapsing part of the cavern in the process. They took time to burrow through to the cave where in they found the body of a long dead dwarf priest. After having a look around, the group went further into the dwarven ruins.

They came to a long hallway, but before entering it, they noticed notches on the walls and recognized the trap for what it was. It made no matter however, for the shardmind changed down the hallway triggering the blades. He found the control panel on the wall and attempted to disarm the trap. His failure to complete this trap led to the triggering of yet another trap. As the blades continued to swing with increasing velocity, the walls also began to close in on them. Fortunately, the dwarves had designed a fail-safe, a second control panel. With the successful disarming of the traps, the door at the end of the hall swung open to reveal stairs that led to the peak of the mountain.

At the top, they saw a large red dragon sitting atop a hoard of treasure that he had piled atop the desecrated altar of Moradin. The Wizard quickly cast Sleep upon the dragon with great success. The destruction of the dragon after that point was a simple matter. The wings were slashed and, finally, it was pushed from the peak. It awoke on the way down in time to attempt to fly, to no avail.

The Party gathered up the dragon’s hoard which included traces of magic from the beast. And so, the strangers had united, and the Party was formed.


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